Turn Key Projects

Spartan specializes in providing complete and comprehensive solutions for a wide variety of dynamic customer needs.
As IT technology grows, so grows the complexity of products designed for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers.
As such, legacy standalone servers and PCs are no longer sufficient.

More and more customers find themselves tackling complex problems related to performance needs, space constraints, integration, bandwidth/throughput, security issues and power supply

Spartan is uniquely positioned to solve all these issues through its ability to harness the combined expertise of each of us in E&M Computing group for the eventual combining of assorted components into a single, standalone turn-key product. We expertize in:

  • Servers and Computing– thanks to our  vast experience in the world of computing we can confidently choose the ideal solution for each customer from the apparently endless options available. We know the ins and outs of systems ─ from big brand names like Dell to those from the white box vendors such as Supermicro and Intel. Our expertise includes low power solutions and unique processors such as GPUs and DSPs.
  • Storage and Backup– Spartan is one of the largest providers of storage modules, so that we have in hand the full range of of the products needed to create ideally suited storage solutions for our customers. We are a tier-1 supplier for the large storage vendors, with solutions available from companies such as NetApp, Dell, Fusion-io, Symantec and more.
  • Networking and Security– Spider Solutions, Spartan’s subsidiary, is one of the largest networking and security solution houses in Israel. Through Spider we are able to offer comprehensive architectural design capabilities and full integration with each of the networking and security options available in the market. Together with Spider’s best-of-breed offer, the company serves as an integrator for Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, Symantec and many others.

Projects Gallery

A Rugged Computer for image processing
  • A computerized solution design intended
    for high altitude, installed with high depth camera for identification of break-ins
  • Performing simulations to prove durability of the solution through harsh weather conditions, meeting the heavy weight durability requirement on a 40m mast
  • A sealed design solution designed to comply with IP67 standards and with MIL ST 810 environmental conditions standard
Solutions for the Military segment

A 19” CISCO small dimension switch, Military and Airborne

  • Optimizing of a standard managed Cisco switch,
    with 24 channels 10/100/1000, to comply with harsh environmental conditions using coated electronic components. Optimizing of power supply and fans, adding filters for protection against electromagnetic inductance, and utilizing rugged housing
  • Consolidating all channels to a limited number of
    D38999 series Military connectors. Designing and production of a 45 cm short housing
  • The solution complies with strict Military and Aviation standards, vibration and shocks in accordance with
    MIL-STD-810F, EMC MIL-STD-461E Standard,
    MIL-STD-704A Electricity Standard
Solutions for Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

Custom appliance for Firewall products

  • Development of a tailored solutions environment
    for the technical and marketing needs of the customer
  • Establishing a dedicated integration setup, aimed to deal with operating hundreds of units in a short time, including an automated installation array, designed for a large number of software and hardware versions
  • A complete logistic T.K. including:
    Management of three logistics sites worldwide
    Issuing invoices and shipping documents on behalf of the customer – Same day delivery
  • Managing the RMA process starting from Advanced RMA through repairing and the units
Solutions for the Industrial Production Field


Industrial machine computers costumed for 3D printers

  • Manufacturing
    of unique enclosures for machine with limited dimensions
  • Complete T.K.
    and supply to the production line