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Spartan, as a subsidiary of E&M Computing, has been playing since 1984 a major role as a COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) provider and VAR (value added reseller) for the security sector and the Israeli army. In 2006 Spartan opened a new facility, the first of its kind, specializing in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) integration services and in customized electromechanical designs. The new capabilities enabled by that unique facility are a giant leap in Spartan’s ability to satisfy the unique demands of the OEM market.

Spartan currently offers a vast range of rugged equipment including servers, storage solutions, switches, displays, PDAs, wearable computing devices, recording systems, embedded computers, NEBS-3 servers, networking equipment, firewalls, low-power SBCs, and architectures and related integration services for mission critical applications that meet MIL-STD requirements.

We design, manufacture, integrate, and support rugged computer-based systems for airborne forces, naval and land, and for automotive, intelligence, communications, navigation, surveillance and critical control applications.

All our products are designed to thrive through harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperature ranges, withstanding shock, vibration, high humidity, fog, salt, sand, dust, fungus, EMI/RFI, EMC and high altitude.

Our professional team includes over 250 engineers specialized in the fields of electronics, mechanics, thermal design, power, EMC, QA, planning, storage, network communication, security, operating systems and program management. Our engineers and field technicians are able to design and tailor-make computers, displays, storage elements, routers, switches and transit case appliances for the specific needs of our customers. The company is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certified.

Spartan also expertizes in the elements of cyber warfare and provides advanced solutions, including specialized software.

Spartan has the proper channels to sell in NIS, U.S. FMF or for India’s defense offsets.


Projects Gallery

Solutions for the Military segment

A COTS based system
upgraded to comply with field conditions + 
a remote control unit

  • Customized standard computerized equipment, including 19-inch servers, UPS and communications.
    Designed to endure harsh environmental conditions by using a rugged air-conditioned cabinet housing
  • The solution complies with the stringent military specifications, IP67 waterproof and vibration and shock
    standards, in accordance with MIL-STD-810F and EMC MIL-STD-461E Standards and MIL-STD-127
    Power Protection Standard
Solutions for Complex Systems
  • Design, development and production of a dedicated cabinet for clean rooms including thermal analysis and air flow control for complying with the strict SEMI requirements
  • Customized electricity system design
  • Computing and communication environment definition under High Density position and regulatory constraints
  • Complete system T.K. including customer’s applications and ATP performance
Brain HD surgical system
  • A complete solution for an OR system including mechanics, dedicated cabling, customer tailored computing, optical equipment, and third party boards
  • Complete T.K. installation including infrastructure and applications, testing with dedicated testing equipment and special ATP
  • Engineering management and control in compliance with strict medical standards
Virtual Broadcast Studio
  • A computerized solution intended
    for digital broadcast studios enabling embedding of information and ads
    into live broadcasts
  • Production and assembly of dozens
    of mechanical items and cables adapted for studios environments
  • A flexible system enabling the reuse
    of the same mechanic design for various boards
  • A unique electrical solution supporting a range of options