Most of us won’t let a drop of water touch our precious computers, and will do all we can to protect it from dust and overheating. Spartan’s first true rugged server was designed with a different approach in mind. This high-power sealed server can meet with bitter cold, blistering heat, rain, dust, and other maladies and perform as well as tough it was installed in an air-conditioned office.

“Naval, aviation, automotive and defense sectors all rely on servers that should handle tough or even extreme conditions,” says Yaron Mintzker, Product Manager at Spartan. “But these servers are rarely a perfect fit: they might not be able to handle heat, or cold, or humidity, or they might not be powerful enough to handle the necessary tasks.  We wanted to find a solution that can work anywhere, even under the most extreme conditions.”

Creating a server that can perform in unusual circumstances turned out to be a unique challenge. “From the very beginning, we’ve encountered problems that no one else has ever managed to come up with a solution for,” says Mintzker. “We had to find a way to seal the server to protect it from environmental hazards. On the other hand, the cooling system needed to be compact enough so that the server will fit into different systems and vehicles.”

“We had to invent new ways to distribute the heat, which we then paired with a miniature, highly efficient power supplier that can work with either direct or alternating currents,” continues Mintzker. “The result was a product unlike any other. A completely sealed, computing server that won’t overheats and melt itself down.”

Spartan now looks to push the limit of its solution, and spark a revolution of servers that are not bound by the limits of environmental conditions. “Our servers have tremendous potential for several industry implementations,” says Mintzker. “We are now looking for more business partners to see how our servers might fit their needs.”


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