Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

Spartan Rugged Servers

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a network architecture concept that enables cloud computing capabilities and an IT service environment at the edge of the cellular network. The basic idea behind MEC is that by running applications and performing related processing tasks closer to the cellular customer, network congestion is reduced and applications perform better. MEC technology is designed to be implemented at the cellular base stations, and enables flexible and rapid deployment of new applications and services for customers. Combining elements of information technology and telecommunications networking, MEC also allows cellular operators to open their radio access network (RAN) to authorized third-parties, such as application developers and content providers.

Spartan server can be deployed at the macro base station EnodeB which makes part of an LTE cellular network, or at the Radio Network Controller (RNC) that is part of a 3G cellular network and at a multi-technology cell aggregator website. The multi-technology cell aggregator site can be located indoors or outdoors.

Spartan business benefits:

By using mobile edge computing technology, a cellular operator can efficiently deploy new services for specific customers or classes of customers. The technology also reduces the signal load over the core network and can host applications and services in a less costly way. It also collects data about storage, network bandwidth, CPU utilization, etc., for each application or service deployed by a third party. Application developers and content providers can take advantage of close proximity to cellular subscribers and real-time RAN information.

MEC has been created using open standards and application programming interfaces (APIs), using common programming models, relevant tool chains and software development kits to encourage and expedite the development of new applications for the new MEC environment.

Spartan features:

  • 2 x Intel Xeon 10 cores CPUs
  • 2 x fast 10GbE fiber connection
  • DC power supply
  • Sealed enclosure to prevent dust and rain damages
  • Circular outdoor connectors
  • EMI/RFI protection
  • Extreme range of operating temperatures