Gas and Oil Rigs

Spartan Rugged Servers

Designing the perfect server for the demanding computing platforms of oil and gas industries is a very demanding task. Technology is vital for oil and gas exploration and for the running of rig operations, but the environmental conditions are rarely kind. Hazards such as oil, gas and chemicals can destroy technologies designed for consumer use, and safety in such highly charged environments is also paramount – as electrical charges and sparks create additional dangers for users of such machines.

For that particular industry Spartan server is protected against oil, dirt, rain, humidity, condensation, salt and dust.

A recent article published at the American Oil & Gas Reporter shows how cloud computing is establishing strong inroads within the oil and gas industry, for “Oil and gas operations are field intensive, and there is readily attainable value to be derived from deploying cloud-based services.”

The powerful and robust Spartan servers allow the gas and oil industries to use the most advanced server technology at extreme environmental conditions.

Spartan features:

  • Protected against oil, dirt, rain, humidity, condensation, salt and dust
  • IP65 Ingress Protection level
  • PCIe slot for thirdparty cards such as GPS, satellite-com and graphic accelerators